Sindh Province

# Project Title Partners (s) Focus Location Project Duration Status
District Tehsil/UC
 01 Promoting food security practices through generating improved livelihood opportunities and capacity building of floods affected People WHH Food Security for Disaster affected Population  Mirpurkhas  Jhuddo/UC-Fazal Bhanbhro 09 Months Completed
02 Disaster Emergency Prepared Program Care International Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Mirpurkhas  Jhuddo/UC-Fazal Bhanbhro 09 Months Completed
03 JORDAN Primary Health & Reproductive Health Programm OPPL Primary Health Care Programm Dadu Dadu & Johi 20 Years Continue
04 Promoting Private Rural Schooling Sindh Sindh Education Foundation Primary Education Dadu Dadu & Johi Extended Continue
05 Sindh Middle/High Schools Programms Sindh Education Foundation Middle/High Schooling Dadu Dadu Extended Continue
06 Foundation Assisted Schools – FAS Sindh Education Foundation Primary & Elementary Education Dadu Dadu & Johi Extended Continue