Poverty Alleviation

Poverty may seem like a challenge behemoth, it’s not impossible to eradicate it with collective efforts and input from different perspectives. Capital, we are told by the common people, is needed to eradicate poverty from the world — no other way!

However, the organizations working in the social development sector have some other useful options which could, not only reduce poverty, but also bring about a positive change in the lives of those exposed to the suffering of living below the poverty line: of course, comprehensive, multifaceted efforts are required from the governments, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, and other sections of the society.










What we do

Proper management of the natural resources and capacity building in specific areas, we argue, can be part of the solution of this issue: Poverty.

JORDAN’s interventions in the areas of skills development, health education, and awareness raising have been calculated to address the prevailing condition of extreme poverty found in Sindh’s areas like Kachho, the dry, barren region making the province’s border on the west.

How we do

JORDAN’s field teams meet with the focus groups of women and men of villages to discuss their current status and draft their recommendations in the light of the suggestions and observations coming from the villagers, so  that the same could be forwarded to the management to form a policy strategy in order to bring about a positive change in the status quo.

The teams motivate and mobilize women and children to take part in the process of development at village level, because community participation, we believe, is essential to the wellbeing and prosperity of the community. They are sensitized to be vigilant about the issues pertaining to the environment and its degradation since they, as natural resources, have a direct impact on their prosperity and livelihood.


Considering women the center of the society, JORDAN took women-driven steps to address the issue of the poverty and livelihood. In this stance, JORDAN has established women skills development centers where women are imparted to with the skills necessary to earn livelihood for their families, along with training them. It has also set up women friendly spaces where women are given a feel-good environment where they discuss their health-related matters freely with the medical staff deployed; this helps them stay healthy and, thus, avoid falling ill which ultimately costs them much.

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