Complaint Management Unit

From the outset, JORDAN has been committed to accountability and transparency in all its interventions – small and big; short-and long-term.

JORDAN believes in giving the community, government’s line department, donating agency, civil society, and its staff members running across the hierarchy, an opportunity to make a complaint in case they see:

  • any unfair and biased treatment during any intervention,
  • discrepancies among procedures,
  • deviation from the agree-to contracts, or
  • ill-treatment from the Organization’s side.

Not only does it manage complaints effectively, we proactively encourage the aforementioned to keep track of our activities and report on immediate basis any diversion they find against the intervention criteria.

How to register a complaint?

Besides defining a strong complaint management mechanism, JORDAN also ensures there are plenty of options available for the prospective complainants to choose from, taking convenience in view.

In this stance, therefore, JORDAN accepts complaints in all the following communication channels:

Online Form




Phone & Mobile


Post & Courier












Please click any of the above to know about the method’s respective procedure to lodge a complaint. If you are not clear yet, please click the following icon for more help: