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Sprouting as an organized group of sociopolitical activists, Johi Organization for Rural Development and Natural Disaster® (JORDAN) is a non-governmental organization which was formally established as a non-profit in the year 2002.

Registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860, JORDAN has been intervening in the areas like Health, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Livelihood, Education, Women Empowerment, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), etc., in the desert and coastal areas of Sindh province (Pakistan).

For detailed account of our programs and projects, please check the Programs in the navigation above.

A local initiative for the area’s development as it is, JORDAN is a professionally managed and committed indigenous organization, and has been active in rural development and humanitarian activities through building capacity of local communities in managerial and technical themes.

Besides working on the aforementioned major thematic areas, JORDAN has also delivered in the sectors like Disaster Preparedness and Management, Community Empowerment, Gender Equality, Capacity Building and Environment are the cross-cutting considerations of JORDAN’s activities.

Mission Statement

Empower indigenous communities of Sindh through strengthen capacities and enhance their managerial and technical skills in managing change.


  1. Take initiatives to bring betterment in lives of deprived and marginalized communities through ensuring their participation in development process and emergency responses
  2. Ensure a healthy life in desert and coastal belt of Sindh through provision of quality healthcare services, balanced nutrition and adolescent reproductive sexual health
  3. Ensure quality education and enhance managerial and technical skills of poor and deprived communities in desert and coastal belt of Sindh through launching awareness raising campaigns and service delivery activities
  4. Ensure an open defecation free environment by raising awareness regarding environmental sanitation
  5. Take efforts to activate and organize community support mechanisms to effectively monitor human rights with particular focus on Child and Women Rights
  6. Take initiatives to protect ecosystems in desert and coastal regions by promoting environment friendly practice
  7. Take initiatives to eradicate extreme poverty through building capacity of indigenous communities
  8. Enhance modern agro-technology for economic benefits and to face food crisis
  9. Take initiatives to empower women by reducing gender discrimination and economical enhancement programs
  10. Mobilize local resources and strengthen indigenous coping mechanisms in complex emergency


  • JORDAN respects the rights, culture and dignity of all people and stakeholders it is working.
  • JORDAN considers all human beings are equal irrespective of gender, caste, creed, beliefs, affiliation or political commitment.
  • JORDAN gives top priority to the interests of more deprived and vulnerable groups in society such as women, children and old age.
  • JORDAN believes in participatory approaches in all its work and intervention.
  • JORDAN opposes discrimination of all kinds.



More deprived, marginalized and vulnerable groups of society are primary stakeholders of JORDAN. JORDAN is very much careful in identifying its target population. Formal and non formal community resource persons and community based organizations are the source to identify actual vulnerable groups. JORDAN also ensures equal participation of children and women in its programs and projects.


JORDAN is a local NGO governed by its Board of Directors comprising of 07 members. Board Directors meet every quarter to review the organizational performance against mission, set objectives and core values. Board of Directors endorses the decisions and initiatives taken by Executive Body (EB), or oppose if need be.

EB of JORDAN led by the Executive Director is responsible to manage the day-to-day activities of the organization. EB meets every month and keeps an eye on project performances. EB is also responsible to develop linkages at grassroots level with communities and, at state level, with Government Line Departments and other national and international NGOs in line with opening of new gates to benefit peoples of Arid and Coastal regions in Sindh Province.


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